Benefits of GPS TrackingWith an entire fleet of trucks carrying massive amounts of cargo across large areas all across the country, managing your truck fleet can be a huge deal.

With some strong GPS tracking for trucking, you can keep a closer eye on where the trucks may be at any given time. This goes beyond pinpoints on a map, there are many benefits toward GPS tracking that can help managers in the trucking industry.

Curious what kind of problem-solving power you can get from quality GPS tracking? We’ll fill you in right down below. 

Understanding GPS Tracking for Trucking

The process of GPS tracking for trucking is simple. Within each truck will be a dashcam with GPS tracking capabilities. Location reporting will track the position of the vehicle throughout its routes while the dashcam will look out for the important details.

You can integrate these items into a full network, capable of catching any detail at any point from all integrated devices. 

With these items, you can maximize productivity and even decrease your overall costs.

Maximizing Productivity

Productivity is the push between management and your truckers. While you do not want to push your truckers too hard, there are a lot of items you can catch to keep things smooth.

1. Sending The Closest Truck

When you have a job to do, getting there fast is vital. Responding to customer requests should be swift and knowing the exact person to send can speed up the process.

With GPS tracking, you can know which available truck is closest and contact them immediately. 

2. Reduce Idling

The camera inside the cab of your trucks will allow you to spot issues. This can come from idle behavior with your drivers or technical issues with the route, such as traffic or scenic routes.

Catching these before they become a problem will keep your trucks on the road for longer. 

3. Closest Material Fixes and Needs

Knowing a truck’s location can do more than find them a customer to help. It can also help the driver get to the nearest place for repairs.

Decreasing Costs

Costs can be high in the trucking industry, from nasty insurance to problems with drivers. GPS tracking can help reduce issues like these below. 

1. Reduce Labor Costs

Knowing where the trucks are in real-time, along with how long they have been traveling, can help you manage overtime that can overwork a truck and its driver. 

You can predict routes better, helping to space out truckers and avoid that expensive overtime. 

2. Control Insurance Premiums

Issues like texting while driving, inattentiveness at the wheel, and even reckless disregard of procedure can all wrack up a big insurance premium.

The cab camera can catch this, allowing you to spot the dangerous drivers for punishment and find the good drivers for rewards. These have the potential to reduce your insurance rates. 

Seeing the Future of the Fleet

GPS tracking for trucking has its benefits, but it is only one of many potential items a truck fleet manager has at their disposal. There are still many tricks and guides that can help improve your trucking fleet.

We here at TrackNet are eager to provide you with the latest information and updates related to fleet management. We have the technology and the expertise to ensure that your fleet runs with smooth efficiency. Get your fleet management on track and in compliance with us.