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Fleet Management Solutions

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The logistics industry is bristling with burdens: an aging driver population, increasingly complex regulations, rapid changes in technology, and more. More than ever, fleet managers in all industries are looking to partner with fleet management specialists like TrackNet to help them gain more detailed visibility into operations. The right fleet management solutions will help you better manage your fleet and maximize the utilization of assets.

There is a growing awareness of how technology-driven systems can optimize fleet processes and improve efficiency. Awareness has come about due to increased government regulations, expanded safety expectations and the burgeoning popularity of mobile devices. All these aspects are driving the market for thorough fleet management solutions.

Fleet Management Devices

What Can Fleet Management Solutions Do For You?

The current reality for anyone managing a fleet and looking for fleet management devices is that return on investment is critical. The name of the game is to offset rising operational costs — increased spending on maintenance, keeping up with compliance, escalating fuel costs, rising insurance premiums. With the right fleet management devices in your toolbox, you will have the data needed to make effective changes. Here are some tools to consider that will save your business money while also increasing safety and compliance.

Now you can take total control of your fleet like never before. TrackNet’s dash cam tracking systems evolve your fleet management operations by adding real-time driver footage to your tool set. Our cameras and web-based application come complete with GPS tracking, archived driver trip footage and live stream capabilities.

Fleet Management Devices

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What to Look For in Fleet Management Solutions

When drivers and vehicles communicate in more effective ways, it’s a huge benefit. The data resulting from vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity can change everything. To get the most useful data takes the right fleet management devices. Here are some features to look for when searching for vehicle tracking solutions.

Full Suite of Tracking Reports

Our web-based application features standard location reporting, speeding/hard brake alerts and route optimization.

Live Driver Video

Instantly stream any of your drivers’ trips while the vehicle is in motion. Streams can be captured and downloaded in real-time.

First Notification of Loss

Review footage relating to hard braking and collision alerts that can exonerate your drivers in an accident claim.

Footage Stored on the Cloud

Footage from all of your drivers’ trips is securely stored on our servers and can be accessed driver, trip, date and time.

No Contracts Whatsoever

TrackNet features month-to-month plans with no longterm contracts. You may cancel your service at any time.

Android / iPhone Compatible

Our tracking application is mobile compatible and available for both Android / iPhone devices with Full features.

vehicle tracking solutions

Driver-facing, Roadside, Side and Rear Dash Cams

All of our cameras feature a 1080p HD wide angle (150°) lens that can capture any road event in clear view for post incident analysis. Combined with built-in Wi-Fi, bluetooth 4.2 and live location reporting, TrackNet’s fleet tracking daschams are some of the most advanced and versatile tracking solutions on the market.

  • Sturdy, tamper-resistant design with lock and key for SD card

  • Audio recording capability options available for driver-facing camera

  • Panic button features with instant notification and footage captured

Improve Your Culture of Safety

Of all the latest advancements surrounding fleet management solutions intended to help fleet managers, cameras reign supreme. Fleet dash cam setups can improve driver safety, efficiency, and DOT compliance. A dual dash cam system from TrackNet can monitor fleets in real-time and protect your business and your fleet against the unexpected. Fleet management devices can also support safer driving and help you manage fleet risk. 

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Fleet Management video dashcam

Get instant insight into roadside incidents and exonerate your drivers from liability.

Drivers face many dangers on the road. Weather conditions, bad drivers and other factors increase their risk of being involved in a roadside incident. With driver scams also on the rise, having a fleet tracking dash cam system in place can help protect your drivers against unjust injury claims and other threats.

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Web-Based Application

Access all of your driver footage and data in just a few clicks. With TrackNet’s web-based application, you can review periodic snapshots  / video taken throughout a driver’s trip, capture live stream footage in real-time, and review shock event / hard braking footage to determine if any distracted driving took place.

  • Search for and download footage from any of your driver’s trips in the last 6 months

  • Generate reports for mileage, timesheets, and IFTA tax

  • Set geofence boundaries using the Google Maps™ interface

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Driver Footage

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Distracted Driving

Live Stream

Vehicle Trails

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At TrackNet, we want to be your partner in fleet management solutions and help you track and maintain your fleets. We are constantly seeking ways to help you improve fleet performance while keeping operating costs to a minimum.

All businesses want to save money whenever possible. At TrackNet, we understand what it costs to run a fleet and implement changes. It is important to know the exact ways that money can be saved when you’re buying into a new solution.


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