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Use TrackNet’s Dash Cams with Your Current ELD Provider

Comply with the ELD Mandate while safeguarding your drivers — and your profits. With TrackNet’s GPS dash cams you can greatly lower unsafe driving behavior. Crashes due to distracted driving kills nine people every day and injures 1,000, according to the CDC.

The ELD mandate is one of the biggest changes to have come out of the 2012 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21). ELD devices and TrackNet’s GPS tracking cameras help you obey the many provisions intended to help the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in its important mission to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities involving large trucks. 

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Train Dangerous Drivers with ELD Compliance and GPS Dash Cams

Truck-related violations and collisions are a major expense for vehicle fleets of any size. Our fleet dash cams seamlessly integrate with your current ELD provider to give you total compliance and safeguards.

TrackNet’s truck dash camera will work with all ELD devices. When you combine ELDs with driver footage, not only can you pinpoint dangerous driving, you can help address risky behavior — driving while distracted or drowsy, speeding, hard braking and turns.

Dash Cam footage not only gives your fleet ELD compliance with the new ELD mandate, but it also gives you proof of what happened on the road, which can be used to show fault in case of an accident. Commercial drivers are more likely to be blamed when accidents are litigated despite 85 percent of casualties being caused by passenger vehicles.

Aside from having proof in the event of an accident, a mobile video camera recording showing what a driver does behind the wheel can make for better coaching and instruction.

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Improve Your Fleet’s Safety

Dash Cams are an ELD Device to help get Perfect CSA Scores

Your ranking for Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) will improve with the use of road and driver-facing camera footage.

  • FMCSA-certified e-logs gives you official documentation of hours logged — evidence of ELD mandate compliance

  • Video footage ensures that any discharged violations won’t negatively affect your CSA score

  • Many insurance companies have ELD-based insurance programs that offer a reduction in insurance premiums. Some states are even trying to enact legislation that will encourage insurance companies to offer discounts to dash cam users.

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Driver Footage

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Distracted Driving

Live Stream

Vehicle Trails

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See Video Footage Alongside Fleet Data

You can download video events and watch the footage on your phone or computer or see it in near-real-time. You can also opt-in for alerts whenever a new video is available. Track and see:

  • How fast a driver is going

  • Where the vehicle is

  • How an accident happens

  • Drivers’ hours of service

  • Labor regulation compliance

Proactively Manage Your Fleet with ELD Devices and GPS Cameras

ELD devices will ensure you comply with the 2019 rules implemented by the FMCSA that mandates new hours of service (HOS). Dash Cam technology helps you abide by the rules, provides proof of complying with those rules and promotes driver safety.

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