Insurance Savings with Dash Cams

Reduce premiums, exonerate drivers and improve overall safety
of your fleet with dash cams from TrackNet.

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Provide video evidence, First Notification of Loss and Precise Driver Data for Claims Settlement

Over half of all insurance claims are disputed. With a majority of truck drivers being found liable in roadside accidents, even just a single incident can deal a devastating blow to your business. Equip your fleet with dash cams from TrackNet and defend against false claims, poor driving habits and more while keeping your insurance premiums low.

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Continuous Recordings

Our driver-facing and roadside cameras capture footage of your driver’s entire trip in crystal clear 1080p.

Review Driver Alerts

See if an accident occurred BEFORE being told. Instantly receive text / email notifications relating to shock events, hard brake alerts and more.

Live Stream Trips

Live stream any driver’s trip while the vehicle is on the road. Live stream video can instantly be captured and downloaded in real-time.

Cloud Storage


All driver footage is stored our secure cloud servers and can be looked up by driver, trip, date and time.

Fleet Tracking Reports

Our cameras come with a full suite of fleet tracking features / reports including location, speeding, mileage, IFTA tax and more.

Android / iPhone Compatible

Our tracking application is mobile compatible and available for both Android / iPhone devices with FULL features.

Commercial Fleet Accident Rate has Reached 20%

Your fleet is always going to be at risk. Your drivers have a 1-in-15 chance of being involved in a roadside accident while on the job, and the accident costs associated with a fleet incident are staggering.

  • The average cost of a fleet accident without injuries is $70,000

  • Fleet accidents involving an injury shoots up to $140,000

  • Fleet accidents involving a fatality reaches an upwards of $3.2 million

Learn How to Protect Your Fleet

Dash Cam risk management is crucial to safeguarding your business, assets and most importantly your drivers.

With fleet tracking daschams from TrackNet, you will save money through avoided accident costs and disputed insurance claims. These savings alone will give you a 100% ROI within the 1st year.

Web-Based Application

The TrackNet fleet tracking application was designed with cameras in mind from the ground up. Using road-facing and driver-side footage along with GPS data, you can get a true view into your fleet’s operations like never before. With the ability to pull up footage in just a few clicks, you can review concerning driver events like speeding notifications, hard braking alerts and more and get a visual aid to see what actually transpired.

Our tracking plans are month-to-month with no longterm commitments whatsoever. Ideal for seasonal companies. Click the button below to learn more.

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Driver Footage

Distracted Driving

Live Stream

Vehicle Trails

Footage Examples

Our GPS tracking cameras record video in 1080p with full audio recordings. Below are footage examples captured from actual commercial fleets.

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