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TrackNet is a dynamic leader in Fleet GPS Tracking products and services. We currently provide commercial GPS tracking to companies throughout the United States and Canada.

Our cameras are designed for service and distribution businesses who want an easy-to-use, cost-effective, scalable solution to manage their fleet. The Telematics system is one of the most cost-effective Fleet Management Solutions in the industry and scales easily to businesses of any size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TrackNet fleet dash cam data uses GPS satellite communications and state-of-the-art wireless and fleet tracking technology to deliver information / media that is nearly 100% accurate.

Yes, TrackNet fleet tracking monitors vehicles over every inch of the continental United States. Real-time reporting and video capture of vehicles is present in 94 percent of the nation. In some areas, there can be a short delay before information is transmitted to companies. However, information is never lost or inaccurate.

yes, information you give TrackNet and data / media that TrackNet gathers about your business operations will never be made public or sold.

TrackNet is very sensitive to driver’s reactions to our fleet monitoring technology. Unfortunately, if presented in the wrong light, drivers may be uncomfortable being on camera. However, whenever a company installs a TrackNet multi-cam tracking system, a representative from our company will be available to meet with your drivers and discuss the service while addressing anyone’s questions or concerns. What we stress to drivers is that this technology protects them as well. If they were not at fault in an accident, TrackNet can prove it. Plus, by increasing the efficiency and profitability of the company, TrackNet can help ensure their job security.

Yes, please contact us to arrange for a phone conference with one of our existing customers.

Cost depends on your company needs. For more pricing information, you can call TrackNet or fill out an online Web form.

Clients Love Us

“My stolen equipment and vehicle were recovered without any damage within 15 minutes!”

“I know they are a company that I can trust, and that is one less thing I have to worry about.”

“The system performed better than advertised and surpassed our expectations.”

We Cater to Any Industry with a Vehicle

TrackNet and Verizon Telematics GPS fleet tracking products…all over the country. Key segments include industries such as field service, delivery, transportation, construction, utilities, and government. We are proud to have leading businesses from all over the country such as Roto-Rooter, City of Napa, SuperShuttle, VA Medical Center, and more as our customers.

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Why Use TrackNet

TrackNet is a leader in fleet and asset management, monitoring and video telematics. We deliver measurable ROI on hundreds of thousands of GPS tracking camera systems to thousands of businesses nationwide. 

We are passionate about your success and strive to bring you cutting edge technology that taps the latest innovative solutions. We bring a creative approach to solving whatever fleet management problems you have. 

  • Live customer support

  • One-on-one attention

  • Flexible and customizable

  • Proven products

  • Scalable systems

At TrackNet, we are dedicated to giving our customers whatever they need to track and manage their fleets. Your success is our success and we are dedicated to ensuring you get all the benefits that the solution can deliver. We also strive to continually innovate to deliver more value month after month.

Our powerful fleet and asset tracking system harnesses the power of GPS and vehicle diagnostics. Every mile, stop, vehicle and alert — every action — is tracked, analyzed, and reported. 

The benefits of GPS fleet tracking and telematics go beyond ROI and includes improved safety. Many fleets see a 50 percent drop in citations and a 35 percent reduction in accidents. Fleet managers can also leverage the data to establish connections between driving behavior, fuel consumption, accident risk and more. Analytics can give you a better understanding of optimizing fleet performance.

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