Exonerate Drivers

The road can be a dangerous place, no matter how good of a truck driver you are. Surprises can be behind every turn, and few people are truly ever ready for them. And if those surprises involve other people, we can have a hard time trying to exonerate drivers who never did anything wrong.

Whenever there is a truck accident, law enforcement officials and insurance analysts will want to investigate the incident. During the process, they will want to collect as much evidence as they can, so they will be able to learn the truth of what happened. Yet, there is only so much they can learn from fragments of glass and metal.

That’s why we think having a video camera in your truck can be so important — they can protect you even after an accident. By having a camera, you will be able to hand investigators clear evidence that you did nothing wrong. It will make the whole claims process quicker, easier, and you will get back on the road faster.

And to learn more about why it’s so important to have a video camera in your truck, keep reading below!

It Can be Tough to Exonerate Drivers

Exonerating drivers after a crash is a lengthy and complicated process, involving a lot of skilled people. They spend years studying forensics to be able to reconstruct events and determine who may be at fault. It is not an easy job, and it can take weeks of speaking with police and investigating the damage on trucks to conclude.

But with a video camera like ours, you can help make their jobs a whole lot easier. With video footage, they won’t need to reconstruct the scene of the accident at all. They will be able to just watch what happens for themselves.

Exoneration Can Mean a Big Paycheck

Getting exonerated after an accident can come with more than just peace of mind. It can also come with a large payout from the other person’s insurance company and you may get more than just however much it takes to repair your truck and repay damages to your cargo. You may get a payout for medical fees, or even for pain and suffering.

Investing in a simple hundred dollar camera can net you thousands of dollars later. Don’t think of buying one as purchasing a camera — think of it as an investment in yourself and your business.

Truck Crashes Can Take Time to Process

Once you file a claim after an accident, it can take weeks or even months before you get your truck back. Insurance claims aren’t known for being the speediest processes. Insurance companies need to be fastidious and careful with each claim, and that causes everyone’s claims to slow down.

A video camera will speed up the process by speeding up the investigation process. It’s usually the longest part of the claims process, but a camera can reduce the amount of time it takes by weeks. A camera can speed up the process!

A Camera is Exactly What You Need in Your Truck!

Buying a video camera will exonerate drivers that deserve to be exonerated. If you are at fault, they will show that too. However, if you’re buying a camera for your truck, you’re likely confident in your driving.

Most people who have cameras installed are careful drivers because they know they’re always being watched. And it’s easy to get started with one. Just reach out to us to get started with one!