Dual Dash Cam Systems & How they Work

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Dual Dash Cam Setup and Reporting

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) concluded that onboard video systems provide valuable information for evaluating the circumstances leading to a crash. TrackNet’s GPS dual dash cam works with any of our verified FMCSA-compliant E-log providers, putting you in the driver’s seat.

Our cameras come complete with GPS location reporting and the ability to capture evidence footage that can exonerate your fleet from fault or be used for driver safety programs.

TrackNet’s dual dash cam system features interior and exterior cams that gives you the ability to view live video feeds in addition to film from other trips. Having visual documentation in addition to GPS tracking data offers both compliance and safety.

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dual dashcam
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Post-Crash Litigation: Vehicle Camera System Evidence

TrackNet’s dual dash cam GPS asset tracking cameras come complete with GPS location reporting. A vehicle camera system provides video footage that can be used in ongoing training for drivers who have unsafe habits, but it can also prove what really happened in a crash.

All video footage is safely archived on TrackNet’s cloud servers and can be accessed at any time. All types of driver media include:

  • Live Footage

  • Driver Snapshots

  • Vehicle trails

  • GPS reports

Beyond the primary functions of electronic logging devices, a truck dash camera system can remove a common line of legal attack by encouraging and proving bedrock compliance with hours of service. ELDs can have a similar effect in eliminating operator wrongdoing as a debatable contributing factor in a crash.

Get the benefits and peace of mind that come with ELD compliance and a dual dash cam system. Our ELDs automate much of the process, decreasing the possibility of error. Drivers and managers end up spending less time and labor resolving issues with the authorities over disputed entries.

A truck camera system also speeds up and simplifies roadside inspections, which translates to more time spent on the move. A TrackNet dual dash cam means less work for federal and local authorities, fleet managers and drivers.

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vehicle camera system

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Benefits of Cloud-Based Truck Camera System Software

With TrackNet’s vehicle tracking solutions camera system, you get video and alerts when your driver is speeding or braking hard. our dual dash cam also gives you geofence boundary alerts based on the map’s geometric perimeter. Any time a driver enters or leaves the designated area, a text or email alert is triggered.

You can also look up footage from vehicle trails. Our dual dash cam stores all video footage securely on our cloud servers so you can tap into it whenever you need to.

  • The AI engine classifies and filters by date, driver and vehicle

  • Take corrective action without sifting through hours of video

  • Video classifications improve as the dual dash cam system gets to know drivers

Dual Dash Cam software

Driver Footage

Dual Dashcam screenshot footage

Distracted Driving

Live Stream

Vehicle Trails

Dual Dash cam Footage Examples

Our cameras record video in 1080p with full audio recordings. Below are footage examples captured from actual commercial fleets.

Make Your Move to Truck Camera System Dual Dash Cam Solution

Our API feed lets you integrate ELDs, IFTA tax and more, giving you the benefit of a complete tracking system from a single dashboard.

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