Fleet Safety Program

Fleet Safety Program with Dash Cams – Establish Policies and Procedures

Dash cam footage provides video evidence of road incidents as well as identifies at-risk drivers. Monitoring driving practices and coaching your drivers with both driver-side and road-facing can drastically improve your fleet safety program and prevent accidents in the first place.

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Full GPS Features

Our dash cams come complete with a full suite of fleet management tools including location reporting, speeding / hardbraking alerts and more.

Driver Event Alerts

Review footage and snapshots in relation to driver alerts. One too many hard brake / speeding alerts can often be the result of distracted driving.

Vehicle Trails

Pull up footage from ANY point during a driver’s trip. All footage is archived on our cloud servers for up to 6 months and can be downloaded at any time.

Random Snapshots

Review snapshot galleries taken of your drivers periodically throughout their trips for safety protocol purposes.

Geofence Alerts

Set designated boundaries on a map to notify you through text / email when a vehicle enters or leaves an area.

Android / IPhone Compatible

Our tracking application is mobile compatible and available for both Android / Iphone devices with FULL features.

Web-Based Application

Our dash cam tracking system is the perfect application for you to assess driver performance with. By pairing video with GPS data, you get a transparent view into your fleet and its activities.

  • Easy-to-use interface design with cameras in mind

  • Live stream capabilities to view your drivers’ trips in real-time

  • Standard location reporting and alerts featuring Google Maps

  • All footage is securely stored on our cloud servers for up to 6 months

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Reduce Disputed

Speed up the claims process exponentially while keep your insurance premiums low (save up to 10%)

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Million Car Accidents per Year

More than 90 people die in car accidents everyday in the United States.


Commercial Fleet Accident Rate

Your fleet has a 1-in-5 chance of being involved in a road incident.

Get Your Drivers on Board

As fleet tracking dash cams become more prevalent, drivers are becoming more comfortable with their presence. Dash Cams are there for their benefit, ultimately, and with a majority of truckers being found at fault in roadside incidents, GPS cameras are crucial to their exoneration and job retention.

Using actionable data to coach your fleet not only improves your culture of safety, it can create incentives by rewarding your safest drivers. This type of positive feedback can result in continuous improvement on your drivers’ part as well as an increased sense of morale overall. With the U.S. trucker shortage expected to DOUBLE over the next decade, holding on to your best and most experienced drivers will be imperative.

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