Your Fleet More EfficientThe job of a truck fleet manager is anything but simple. It entails everything from tracking the needs and actions of every driver to designing and redesigning every route.

The good news is fleet management technologies have grown to improve efficiency across the board. From GPS tracking to data management, there is a lot to finetune your fleet managing position.

We have a quick and easy guide to the best of these technologies right here. Read on for tips on how you can get the most out of these technologies.

The Best Fleet Management Technologies

Some of the largest technologies in use today focus on integrated networks and communication. With these programs, everything talks to each other, known at the IoT – Internet  of Things. With this communication comes the potential for powerful overhead management. 

The best fleet management technologies boil down into 3 major categories. The first is GPS tracking and camera integration. The second is file and data management. The last involves integrated software to compile the details and report them to you. 

GPS Tracking and Dash Cams

A lot can happen out on the road, so knowing where each truck is and what is happening with them can be a huge boon.

GPS tracking can pinpoint your truck’s location. If the truck is idle due to traffic, you can catch that and reroute them to avoid it. This can also help you respond to a need with the closest truck available.

The dash cams can also act in a two-fold manner. A road-facing camera can help to determine fault in accidents. A driver-facing camera can help catch poor driver behavior.

Both of these cameras can help to reduce costs due to insurance issues. It also helps teach newer drivers about proper protocol. Fewer mistakes happen with a potential reprimand on the line. 

Proper Data Storage and Access

Cloud technologies are huge and with them come easy storage and access to all your data. From truck routes to hauling records and even driver’s employee information, a good fleet manager will need easy access to all of these. 

Integrated Real-Time Management

To bring it all together, you will need good software to monitor it all in real-time. From your active trucks to current and upcoming shipments, there are a lot of details to coordinate at any one time.

A centralized program can show you any camera feeds with the click of a button. You can compare route notes to the issues happening on the road-facing camera as they happen.

A program like this can allow you to contact any of your truck drivers at a moment’s notice. From there you can warn them about a route change you constructed. 

This quick control over the situation can save a massive amount of time and money. All of this can work from a single computer for ease and efficiency. 

Updating Your Fleet Management 

Depending on what you need, there are many different fleet management options. Some offer a bit of fine tuning convenience. Others bring massive savings in time, effort, and overhead costs.

Any or all of these technologies will give your fleet some great upgrades. We here at HD Fleet have the right fleet management solutions to get you up and running. We can guide you through the new technologies and how to use them.

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