Emergency Services Fleet Management Solutions

Emergency Services Fleet Management

Even though ambulance drivers are legally allowed to speed and run red lights to reach their destination as fast as possible, they can still be held liable for accidents!

Emergency service vehicle accidents are almost always the result of unnecessary speeding, insufficient driver training and driver exhaustion from long work schedules. With more ambulance drivers being found increasingly at fault despite their road rule exemptions, having a dash cam solution in place is critical to exonerating your drivers should an accident occur.

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Emergency Services Fleet Management


Driver Video +
Full Location Reporting

Tracknet’s web-based application was designed with cameras in mind so you can utilize driver data with GPS reporting as seamlessly as possible. With our dash cam tracking systems, you can live stream roadside and driver-facing video feeds, optimize your ambulance routes and instantly be notified / review any vehicle collisions through system alerts.

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Emergency Services Fleet Management Solutions

Driver Footage

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Distracted Driving

Live Stream

Vehicle Trails

Increase Response Times and Reduce Accident Liability

The safety of your drivers, passengers and other vehicles on the road is your top priority. With the pressure of picking up / transporting injured persons as quickly as possible, the likelihood of an accident increases ten-fold. Tracknet’s fleet dash cams help protect your drivers and its occupants while improving arrival times.

Emergency Services Fleet Management Devices

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Video Dash Cam Footage Examples

Our cameras record video in 1080p with full audio recordings. Below are footage examples captured from actual ambulance vehicles.

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Emergency Services Fleet Management Devices – Dash cams

Emergency services fleet management devices start with having a dash cam system for your emergency and police vehicles. The TrackNet camera solution captures important details as they occur outside or inside the vehicle. 

Most industries with fleets have experienced the benefits of having emergency services fleet management devices and dash cam — commercial trucks, limousines, taxi cabs, buses. Dash Cams give drivers and managers the peace of mind and reassurance of having an extra set of eyes to record emergencies and unexpected events. 

TrackNet’s dash cam for emergency services fleet management solutions gives fleet managers the footage they need to exonerate drivers against false claims. Video footage can also prove fault in the event of an accident and help insurance claims go smoother. Footage can also improve driver training and coaching, and can even help guide personnel decisions. Installing an in-vehicle camera system could also yield insurance benefits, saving money on premiums.The dash cam for emergency services fleet management solutions offers heightened awareness when time is of the essence. Our heavy-duty cameras allow drivers to quickly get to their destination while keeping an eye on their surroundings to and from the scene.

Key benefits:

  • Improved Situational Awareness: By increasing drivers’ knowledge of what is around their vehicles, it’s easier to avoid accidents.

  • Avoid Financial Coercion: Dash Cam footage makes for indisputable evidence in accident and injury investigations.

  • Thermal Imaging: Improved visibility in the dark as well as in dusty, foggy and smokey.

  • Increased Public Safety: Multiple views boost drivers’ visual awareness and improve safety when rushing to an emergency scene.

  • Effective Training Tool: Replaying footage helps demonstrate the skills required in an emergency situation.

  • Objective evidence. For better or worse, you will have proof.

Emergency Services Fleet Management Solutions for First Responders

Seconds matter when emergency services fleet management vehicles are responding to a scene like a house fire, car accident, or 911 call. Seconds can be the difference between life and death. We have the right system for emergency services fleet management solutions. First responders —  firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, and police officers — intimately know that seconds count in every single emergency. 

When someone’s life is in jeopardy, traffic congestion on the main road can mean the difference between life and death. Emergency services fleet management solutions avoid situations of not knowing the exact location of an emergency or missing the mark, which can also waste critical time. 

Whether in a fire engine, ambulance, or police car, GPS makes all the difference. Having an accurate and constant GPS signal makes for a safe, fast, accurate response. TrackNet’s dash cam solutions are designed to streamline surveillance systems while simultaneously endorsing a safer transition to and from the scene. 

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1080p Video Telematics Dash cam for Emergency Services Fleet Management

Our cameras for emergency services fleet management are durable and weatherproof and give drivers total views around the vehicle, offering increased awareness when navigating to a scene. The dashboard system uses the latest software to incorporate automatic and wireless footage as well as real-time capabilities that help get the fastest, most efficient routes, improve your response times and decrease fuel-wasting behavior. 

All of TrackNet’s solutions can also be customized to fit your station’s requirements and needs. You’ll always have full documentation of the transition to and from the scene.

Monitoring vehicle metrics and keeping track of drivers is important; emergency services fleet management is built around urgency. For first responders, TrackNet HD cameras maximize views and remain engaged to and from the scene. Our systems capture the total area surrounding your vehicle, allowing first responders to quickly and safely maneuver. 

You also have cloud-archived footage that makes for indisputable evidence to refute false claims and protect your drivers. In addition, first responders and other emergency personnel on the scene will have the ability to exchange information with hospitals and physicians and even send real-time audio and video feeds from the scene and during transport. 

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