A Tracking Video Camera System To Transform Fleet Management

tracking video camera system

When you have a fleet to manage, a vehicle video camera system can be a lifesaver. Having an in dash video recorder can save your business money by fighting crash-for-cash scams and providing evidence for insurance companies. Video footage means you will experience faster claim processing, reduced insurance prmeiums and IRS savings through safety equipment deductions.

In fact, there aren’t many reasons why you would NOT want to install a vehicle video camera system in your fleet of vehicles. Truck dash cams or “In dash video recorders” have numerous advantages that go beyond saving money, like the improvement of driver behavior.

Drivers being visually monitored are less likely to be dangerous or reckless behind the wheel. Unsafe drivers can undergo custom-created training and new drivers can be comprehensively trained from the start.

tracking video camera system

Benefits of Having a Vehicle Video Camera Platform

Telematics can revolutionize a fleet’s operations, but combining the technology with an in dash video recorder adds another dimension.

  • Driver Behavior: empowered drivers operate safer fleets and can reduce fleet operating costs.

  • Fleet safety: monitored vehicles save lives by ensuring drivers uphold company safety standards at every turn.

  • Cost reduction: grow efficiency with the creation of more informed routes and detection of fuel-wasting behavior like idling or speeding.

  • Fleet performance: having a vehicle video camera system to assist drivers will improve your vehicles’ performance and lifespan by reducing everyday wear.

  • Sustainability: real-time monitoring of vehicles’ health, operating conditions and events can help take maintenance from a reactive mode to one of prevention and efficiency.  Fleets operating at peak performance consume a lot less fuel per mile traveled.

  • Risk management: TrackNet’s tracking video camera system can help reduce crime rates and virtually eliminate employee and third-party theft. Our platform provides a constant connection between your fleet and your home base. Unlimited real-time video streaming and two-way audio link collect and deliver data even after a vehicle is turned off.

  • Customer satisfaction: Reinforce your company’s policies to make certain your customers get quality, professional service with every interaction.

Truck vehicle video camera

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Protect Your Commercial Vehicles and Coach Your Drivers with TrackNet’s In Dash Video Recorder

TrackNet offers fleet managers and owners an onboard WiFi hotspot and unlimited bandwidth. One our tracking video camera system is implemented, a large number of management issues will be immediately eliminated.

Over the long term, you’ll notice continual fleet improvement as you learn your drivers’ behavior, which can reduce your liability for years to come. Regardless of your organization’s size, the TrackNet system and management tools can help you organically scale your business.

Our comprehensive, customizable mobile vehicle video camera platform is a complete field service fleet management solution that helps fleet managers improve driver safety, efficiency, and DOT compliance.

  • Protect against the unexpected: our cloud-connected vehicle video camera system provides video evidence that is continually recorded

  • Support safer driving and manage fleet risk: with the right data, you can develop improved coaching methods that will help protect your drivers and your bottom line.

  • Monitor your vehicles in real-time: improve operational efficiency and speed of service with a tracking video camera system with GPS integration.

  • Streamline compliance management: meet the mandates with devices and services that make it easier to comply with state and federal regulations.

Driver Footage

tracking video camera system screenshot

Distracted Driving

Live Stream

Vehicle Trails

tracking video camera system diagram

TrackNet’s Forward-Thinking Fleet Management Services

At TrackNet, our vehicle tracking solutions are fueled by safety and results. Many of our fleet managers see a big reduction in the frequencies of collisions after implementing our tracking video camera system.

We continually innovate to develop fleet management solutions that address today’s needs while looking ahead to meet the challenges of the future. Our customers log billions of miles each year, which makes for enhanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technology due to our extensive driving database.

Full Driver Support

We also offer a wealth of resources to help you better support your drivers as our GPS integration tracking video camera system is implemented. We help you assist drivers with overcoming any trust issues they might have relating to a vehicle video camera system so you can make the most of our technology.

  • GPS tracking

  • Advanced data

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Dispatching

  • Maintenance

  • Activity alerts

  • Route optimization

  • Fleet reports

  • Navigation

  • Fuel card integration

  • IFTA reporting

  • Driver scorecards

  • Fleet reports

truck in dash video recorder system

Tracking Video Camera System Technology-Powered Fleet Management & Analytics

TrackNet’s technology and analytics will pinpoint opportunities you can use to improve your fleet. Whether you’re looking to save money or optimize your operations, our tools and experienced team will give you a crystal-clear view of your fleet and turn analytics into reality-based recommendations.

Our tracking video camera platform offers you state-of-the-art telematics and GPS technology so you can monitor vehicle health, driver behavior, and much more along with positioning and routing. You will have a powerful tool to oversee your fleets and keep operations running smoothly and safely.

Real-time data offers driver support by providing meaningful training and traffic avoidance. By integrating big data, you can improve overall fleet performance.

Fleet management will serve as a data source and automatically deliver and integrate analytics in order to facilitate insurance savings, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management. Big data and cloud computing will help make fleets more efficient and revenue-focused, even as scenarios change throughout the day.

The integration of safety technologies with telematics delivers video monitoring, collision avoidance, and fatigue detection. TrackNet’s single solution platform means fleet managers don’t need several standalone technologies.

Today’s video telematics integrates data from sensors and videos for better analysis and effective insights. When you need to know exactly what happened and why the video adds certainty to data.

fleet manager with tracking video camera
fleet management vehicle video camera system

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In Dash Video Recorder Footage Examples

Our cameras record video in 1080p with full audio recordings. Below are footage examples captured from actual commercial fleets.

Smart Fleet Management Starts with TrackNet Vehicle Video Camera Systems

With data analysis of real-time driver, vehicle and central operations, time-to-decision is reduced, making it easier for fleet managers to take decisive action. TrackNet’s solution delivers 360-degree views for monitoring and managing every aspect of operations.

Get a demo of our powerful solution that drives efficiencies, safety, ROI and an outstanding experience for your customers. We offer month-to-month plans as well as leasing options that are adapted to changing markets and needs. Call TrackNet today at (866) 654-2226.

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