GPS Integration

GPS Integration

TrackNet’s GPS Integration Works with Any System

Our interface gives you streamlined integration with your current GPS tracking. You can use your current ELDs, diagnostics, and other reports you are used to and incorporate these tools with our live footage and other on-platform features. When linked to traditional GPS, our tracking cameras give you true insight into your fleet’s activities.

The right technology with GPS integration delivers savings on both time and money for you and as well as your customers. Telematics — basically the crash-resistant black box that receives wireless information — has advanced rapidly and is much more sophisticated than broadcast radio. Digital telematics was birthed from standard telematics and expanded to include a cellular data modem, GPS, a backup battery, and a connection to sensors. 

Further, the information from tracking cameras and GPS integration is not just gathered; it’s siloed into meaningful data points that tell a story about your end-to-end daily operations on the road and in the field. Tracking cameras let you:

  • Gather critical data about end-to-end fleet operations

  • Prevent drivers (and equipment) from getting lost

  • Route drivers around accidents, road work, and closed streets

  • Automatically summons roadside assistance if something isn’t right

  • Contacts emergency assistance and auto-dials 911 if necessary

  • Finds the best-priced fuel when you need it

  • Starts EV charging when rates are lowest

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GPS Integration

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Flexible Options with Monthly Payments, No Contracts, Unlimited Possibilities

TrackNet’s cameras feature GPS integration along with a tamper-resistant design that comes standard with the fastest connectivity available. You also get live streaming, archived footage, audio recording capabilities and unlimited storage on our secure cloud servers. Our flexible plans are tailored to your needs and help is always just a phone call away.

  • Video is instantly uploaded and stored on our cloud

  • Fleet protection while vehicle is parked detects break-ins through shock absorption to the vehicle

  • Footage is recorded before and after each driver event

  • LED spotlight deters theft when motion is perceived

  • Tamper-free video footage offers concrete evidence for insurance claims, court cases, driver coaching and more.

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Driver Footage

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Distracted Driving

Live Stream

Vehicle Trails

Protect Your Business with GPS Fleet Management

Today, GPS integration is an integral part of vehicle telematics and has given rise to fleet management systems that are smarter than we ever thought could be possible from a single dashboard system. TrackNet’s tracking cameras and complementary solutions will change just about every aspect of your GPS fleet management business.

  • Open API integration for GPS, ELD, IFTA and more

  • Works with any provider

  • Live driver footage

  • Lower insurance premiums

  • Prevent texting, speeding, distractions while driving

  • Check-in anytime or all the time – live or when it’s convenient

  • Clear your drivers from accident fault

GPS Fleet Management

Contact TrackNet Today to Combine Video with GPS Fleet Management

The TrackNet marketplace offers several camera solutions that integrate seamlessly. Our simple yet sophisticated solution helps you manage and analyze your fleet, regardless of size or industry.

Advancing technology is playing a major role in contributing to driver safety by reducing risk and revamping safety culture. Connectivity, complex algorithms, and deep data sets are completely transforming powerful fleet management. Call us for a demonstration: (866) 654-2226.

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