Longhaul Freight Dash Cam

Truck Dash Cam with GPS Tracking for Longhaul Freight

Longhaul freight accident statistics show a higher rate of fatalities in roadside incidents. Is your fleet prepared to pay the costs?

The FMCSA estimates the average vehicle accident cost involving a fatality at a staggering $1,130,000. With a bigger weight (over 20 times that of your standard driving vehicle) and a longer stopping distance, semi trucks and other similar vehicles carry a much higher potential for destruction. A Tracknet truck dash cam can help protect your fleet against business-destroying accident costs using video evidence.

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Monitor Inside and
Outside the Vehicle

Our multi-cam setups include rear, side, driver-facing and roadside cameras for complete visibility of your big rig vehicles. You can monitor your video feeds in real-time using the live-stream features as well as review archived footage from all your drivers’ trips. Our truck dash cam can also come complete with full GPS functionality including location reporting, hard breaking / speeding alerts, geofences and driver profiles.

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Driver Footage

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Distracted Driving

Live Stream

Vehicle Trails

Exonerate Your Drivers from Liability

Statistics show big rig truck drivers are more often found liable in roadside accidents. Fleet truck dash cams are changing this trend. Video evidence will always tell the full story, and just one exonerated case can save your company MILLIONS of dollars in accident costs.

Semi Truck Dash Cam

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Footage Examples

Our cameras record video in 1080p with full audio recordings. Below are footage examples captured from actual longhaul freight vehicles.

Video Dash Cam for Semi Truck

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Legally Protect Drivers When Accidents Happen

Industry data indicates truck accidents are 55% more likely to result in at least one fatality. The majority of car vs. truck accidents are the fault of the passenger vehicle. Truck drivers have to take precautions to ensure the accident can be easily reconstructed so their liability can be alleviated when they are not at fault. 

The FMCSA estimates that the average accident costs $91,000, the average injury cost is $334,892, and the average fatal accident settlement can top $7.2 million. Video can help provide clarity if there is a collision and aw enforcement is more likely to believe a driver’s story when they know there is a camera system in the truck. 

Manage your fleet, improve safety and maximize productivity with a GPS truck dash cam for your longhaul fleets. TrackNet has a full suite of solutions that include road-facing, driver-side, rear and side cameras for full visibility.

  • Trip footage recorded

  • Full GPS fleet reports

  • Detect distracted driving

  • Reduce insurance premiums

  • Improve your CSA score

Having a GPS fleet tracking dash cam system in place will help you run a safer and more efficient fleet while also exonerating your drivers from accident liability. Integrating driver footage, snapshots and GPS reporting will help you manage your fleet efficiently and transparently.

  • Live view lets you stream in-app in real-time

  • Driver footage stored securely on our cloud servers

  • Triggered recordings show instant footage

  • Vehicle trails give you footage from any point

Video Dash Cam for Semi Truck

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