Asset Tracking Systems for Heavy Equipment Management

Our Asset Tracking Systems Protect All Your Heavy Equipment

Worried about your unattended heavy equipment? Protect your investments with our easy to use Asset Tracking Systems as part of a complete Fleet Management Solution. Any business knows leaving expensive construction assets on site after hours will leave their equipment prone to theft, unauthorized use and vandalism. Keep track of your assets and monitor their use 24/7 with heavy equipment trackers from Tracknet.

Having the right asset tracking system in place to keep your heavy equipment safe is crucial. With the variety of asset tracking solutions available in the market, it can be hard to choose the right one. TrackNet offers various time-tested asset tracking for Commercial Fleet Tracking that has been proven to work reliably for customized deployments in some of the most adverse conditions ever seen. 

Although there are various options and configurations available, TrackNet has proven asset tracking solutions that will exceed your expectations regardless of the size of your company or the number of assets that have to be tracked and managed.

Keep Track of Your Assets Across Multiple Jobsites

In addition to ensuring your equipment doesn’t get stolen, used for unauthorized purposes or vandalized, TrackNet’s asset management system can help you keep track of which piece of equipment is at which job site and where it needs to go next. Asset trackers help you stay up-to-date with changing schedules and drivers so your operations stay coordinated in the most efficient manner possible, saving you time and money. Read more about all the Benefits of working with TrackNet.

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Hard-wired Trackers

External line-powered asset tracking systems with on-demand ping capabilities. In the event of interrupted power, these trackers will switch to battery back-up, ensuring your asset tracking system is still functional and able to track your stolen or misplaced heavy equipment.

Battery-Powered Trackers

Battery-powered asset trackers that operate on inexpensive lithium batteries and feature low-power notifications allow them to run longer in more remote areas. Reduce the upkeep required by your asset tracking system and keep your equipment safer easier than ever!

Weather-Resistant Build

Every TrackNet asset tracker features a rugged and weatherproof design that is custom made and engineered to withstand the elements even in the harshest conditions. This ensures your asset tracking system survives any job site or extreme weather they are put up against.

Geofence Boundaries

Asset tracking is best utilized to recover equipment quickly. Set custom boundaries on a map that will notify you anytime a heavy asset enters or leaves the designated area so it can be recovered before it gets too far.

Reliable Satellite Signal

Strong satellite signals let you manage your heavy equipment in difficult geographies well outside the reach of cellular networks. This ensures your asset tracking system works no matter where your equipment is.

Lifetime Warranty

All of Tracknet’s asset tracking products feature a lifetime warranty in addition to month-to-month contracts with no commitment whatsoever. This ensures we win your business monthly by providing the best customer service possible.

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Easy-to-Use Interface

We deliver position and sensor data to our VAR Partners for integration into their back-office and customer-facing applications. This allows the end-user customer to track all of their assets on a single screen.

Beyond tracking, our application supports: 

  • Tracking the location of expensive job site equipment for management and billing purposes

  • Theft Recovery Mode for easy location of the stolen asset

  • Using SmartOne geo-fencing capability and reduced messaging to keep track of equipment at the lowest possible costs.

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The XT4900 Series is a solar harvesting LTE asset tracking solution supporting long term, remote deployments without the need to replace the battery. The device utilizes a high-efficiency solar panel to charge and maximize the operating life of the internal Lithium-Ion battery. Customers who require frequent data for location, health, and monitoring of their remote assets can be assured that XT4900 Series Asset Tracking System will provide more frequent data for longer periods compared with other eld mandate asset  tracking devices in the market today.

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Asset Tracking Solutions for Any Industry with Small and Large Heavy Equipment

Our Asset tracking Systems cater to construction companies in addition to other industries. Whether you need to monitor heavy containers, assorted vehicles (including boats and more), our Asset Tracking Solutions can meet your specific needs.

Industries served include:

Key Device Features

  • 50-Channel GPS Receiver

  • Network certified on multiple carriers

  • Sprint (CDMA), Verizon (CDMA), AT&T (HSPA 3G)

  • Internal or external antennae options

  • Satellite can be added: Iridium

  • Industry-leading warranty options

  • Field installation and system support

  • J1455 Level 1 pressure wash

  • FM Class 1, Div 2 non-incendiary

  • IP67

  • Plug & Play deployment

  • Device communications: UDP, SMS

  • Over-the-Air-Programming and Provisioning (OTA)

  • Connect to sensors via digital I/O or Analog input

  • Customize device operation via scripting

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