Support For Field Service Fleet Management

Field Service Fleet Management

The fleet management industry is undergoing significant changes and modernization, becoming a genuine hub of innovation. Between legislative initiatives, green goals and the rapid advancement of technology, there is much potential to improve efficiency, safety and return on investment (ROI).

TrackNet real-time fleet tracking for field service fleet management provides end-to-end visibility into vehicle location, driver safety, and billable hours. Our field service fleet management solutions provide full support to field service fleets of all sizes. Our dual dash cam GPS-tracking platform helps fleet managers track, schedule and maintain equipment specification, fleet assignments, vehicle inspection and maintenance, paint and body repairs, equipment modification and fabrication, outside equipmentt rental and more.

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Field Service Fleet Management


Get Field Service Fleet Management Solutions with Video Telematics

The right system can help you reduce claims costs, improve driver safety, and maximize fleet efficiency. Investing in a TrackNet dash cam system can help advance your field service fleet management efforts and can even pay for itself over time.

Video evidence can help protect the city’s drivers and your business against the unexpected and lets you see what really happened in the event of an incident or dispute, allowing you to effectively coach your drivers, offer proof of service and more.

Driver Footage

Distracted Driving

Live Stream

Vehicle Trails

Minimize Expenses, Expand Your Fleet with Field Service GPS Cameras

Get technicians where they are needed — faster. Whether it is burst pipes, sewer issues, traffic signal outages, downed light poles or another issue, your team’s expert attention will be needed right away. With a dual dash cam system with GPS, your city fleet can be seamlessly dispatched. You can also reassign the nearest driver to last-minute jobs, push out new routes, and message the team right from the dashboard.

  • Prevent Side Errands: stop drivers from taking side trips on the city’s time. You will always know where your drivers go via GPS coordinates and seeing where they are on recorded video footage.

  • Stop Fuel Waste: idling engines waste fuel. You can produce full reports outlining how long engines idle in addition to how fast and far vehicles go.

  • Minimize Insurance Costs: city fleets equipped with TrackNet’s dual dash cam system can lower insurance premiums.

Monitor All Fleets Used for Field Services

At TrackNet, our dual dash cam tracking system can be used for all of the fleets the city uses — garbage trucks, utility vehicles, motor pools and more. We even have a state-of-the-art school bus tracker.

  • Driver Performance: on one dashboard, key operational metrics for driver comparison, equipment use, and work performed. Automated reviews ensure CSA compliance.

  • Safety Reviews: integrate telematic data for customized driver reviews to better manage CSA requirements.

  • Corrective Action: with TrackNet’s camera monitoring platform, you can systematically pinpoint why safety issues are happening and offer coaching, remedies and corrective action.

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Field Service Video Dash cam Footage Examples

Our cameras record video in 1080p with full audio recordings. Below are footage examples captured from actual commercial fleets.

Run a Safe, Efficient Field Service Fleet with TrackNet

Develop better driving training, prove accident fault, optimize routes, deter theft and more with dual dash cam GPS tracking cameras. We have flexible month-to-month plans as well as leasing options for all city service fleets. Call TrackNet today at (866) 654-2226.

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