TrackNet’s Solar-Powered Asset Trackers

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Asset Trackers that Track the assets that power your business

Do you know where your equipment is? TrackNet’s comprehensive Asset Tracker System SmartOne Solar gives you real-time location data for all of your high-value equipment.

With autonomous and efficient device operation, you can proactively manage remote assets through automated data collection and critical monitoring.

Our solar-powered asset trackers represent a new evolution in the trouble-free management of assets. The trackers also report telematics and engine fault code data on many types of equipment, making it a great tool for equipment maintenance.

Solar Asset Tracker


Know Where Your Equipment is at All Times

When an asset is in motion, TrackNet’s SmartOne Solar Asset Tracker devices recognize the movement through an accelerometer and switches from inventory tracking to actively tracking mode. When actively tracking, the SmartOne device will plot and transmit the information once per minute.

This rugged, battery-powered device is maintenance-free. It taps the sun to recharge its batteries to provide over 8 years of usable service. With our SmartOne products, you can streamline your operations, monitor and manage remote assets, deliver redundancy to terrestrial communications networks and establish a competitive edge in today’s hyper-connected global marketplace.

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Our Asset Trackers Protect Your Equipment — on-Site and on the Road

Our satellite IoT devices provide remote monitoring and tracking delivered in real-time on one of the fastest satellite networks in the world. Asset trackers reliably monitor your truck trailers, valuable construction equipment and other powered and non-powered assets.

TrackNet’s SmartOne Solar Asset Tracker devices are designed to with stand mother nature and provide reliable long-term GPS tracking It lets you intelligently configure reporting times and intervals for custom information delivery.

  • Location updates every four hours

  • Lower battery warning indicator

  • In-motion detection

  • Text and email notification

  • Continuously self-charges to maximize battery life

  • Track assets in extreme weather

  • Geofencing with configurable range settings

Full-Service Asset Tracker Visibility

Regardless of your industry, TrackNet has a Asset management system that is right for you. You might even get an insurance discount. Our fleet industry expertise extends to delivery vehicles, field service fleets, ambulance fleets, construction fleets, transportation vehicles, government fleets, utility vehicles and more.

You can also track your inventory — track quantity levels, inventory location, and more. Integrating IoT technology gives you important details about the location of your valuable inventory.

  • 360-degree inventory visibility

  • Anywhere, anytime asset tracking

  • Google Maps integration

  • Full ad-hoc report writing

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Superior Satellite Coverage Across the Entire U.S.

TrackNet’s superior satellite network enables clear communications and uninterrupted coverage across most of the globe through its unique roaming capabilities, even in the most remote areas.

With TrackNet’s SmartOne Solar Asset Trackers, you will always know where your assets are and where they’ve been. You will be able to quickly and easily locate project-critical equipment when needed. No matter how many assets you have, you can track them all on a single dashboard that clusters multiple assets and offers fast searching or tag filtering.

Heavy Equipment Asset Management

Improve Your Asset Management

Call TrackNet at (866) 654-2226 today for a SmartOne Solar quote. Our quality asset tracking devices are specifically designed to meet your requirements and the demands of your working environment. Get the reliable data you need, when you need it.

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