Why Your Fleet Needs a CCTV / Safety System

GPS + Video for Full Vehicle Visibility

Accidents are an unavoidable and inevitable event in the trucking and transportation industry and a proactive approach to mitigating risk, improving accountability and reducing liability is crucial to protecting your business, drivers and other passengers on the road. 

While the goal of any commercial transportation fleet is to not have accidents at all, transportation-related incidents still consistently rank as being among the most common causes of workplace fatalities year after year. This unfortunate and unavoidable fact further emphasizes the need for a proactive and thorough approach to increasing driver safety and the need for proper systems put in place that help quickly report incidents as well as figure out the root cause of the incident in the first place so that similar incidents like it can be avoided in the future.

Improve Your Culture of Safety

TrackNet’s SmartWitness Camera CCTV and Safety Systems have some of the most advanced technology and features available on the market. By identifying, recording and reporting key driving metrics in real-time SmartWitness promotes safer driving reducing costs, increasing safety and ultimately mitigating the risk inherent in the transportation industry. 

TrackNet’s award-winning systems work tirelessly to protect owners and operators from “cash for crash” insurance fraud accidents, exaggerated whiplash claims and conflicting reports of actual incidents. Additionally, they help identify and proactively deal with unsafe and/or uneconomical driving behaviors and help eliminate a slow or unreasonable claims process. 

Recommended by several major insurers, TrackNet’s SmartWitness has been shown to reduce disputed claims by as much as 98%.

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Full Suite of Tracking Reports

Our web-based application features standard location reporting, speeding/hard brake alerts and route optimization.

Live Driver Video

Instantly stream any of your drivers’ trips while the vehicle is in motion. Streams can be captured and downloaded in real-time.

First Notification of Loss

Review footage relating to hard braking and collision alerts that can exonerate your drivers in an accident claim.

Footage Stored on the Cloud

Footage from all of your drivers’ trips is securely stored on our servers and can be accessed driver, trip, date and time.

No Contracts Whatsoever

TrackNet features month-to-month plans with no longterm contracts. You may cancel your service at any time.

Android / iPhone Compatible

Our tracking application is mobile compatible and available for both Android / iPhone devices with Full features.

Lower Overall Fleet Costs

With 100% return on investment (ROI) within the first year alone, TrackNet’s SmartWitness systems are worth it every time. With an overall risk improvement averaging around 39%, a claim reduction average of 27% and a claim cost reduction of 17%, the numbers don’t lie. You can’t lose by making SmartWitness the go-to technology for all of your fleet’s vehicles.

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Primary Benefits and Features

TrackNet’s dash cams are among the world’s most innovative incident reporting cameras. Our syst

Web-Based Application

The vehicle accident camera can be configured to work as a stand-alone system or integrated into a larger overall fleet management system.

TrackNet’s proprietary and advanced data analysis and reporting software feature ease of use and supports live tracking and geofencing for fleets of up to 300. Integrated with 

Google maps, the system includes detailed g-force and impact data that reveals vehicle speed, direction, location and driving behaviors. Combined with log data viewing and searching, TrackNet makes it easy to figure out exactly what, where and when an incident happened.

Additionally, you can get a live look-in from any of the installed cameras at any time, providing real-time intelligence of what your drivers are up to or what is happening around your vehicles.


Driver Footage

Distracted Driving

Live Stream

Vehicle Trails

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