Mobile Vehicle Video Camera for Today’s Fleet Monitoring

Mobile Vehicle Video Camera System diagram

When it comes to implementing a mobile vehicle video camera plan into your fleet management protocol, look to TrackNet for effective, state-of-the-art solutions. A leader in camera-based driver monitoring, TrackNet offers the latest tools to effectively introduce the benefits to your managers and – most importantly – to your drivers.

Our in dash mobile video recorder solutions are unmatched, having been specifically developed with fleet management in mind. TrackNet’s streamlined solution offers everything you need from one easy-to-use dashboard and makes on-the-go mobile monitoring simple and effective.

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Mobile Vehicle Video Camera System diagram

Trust TrackNet’s Mobile Video Camera

Our pioneering system puts your managers in the driver’s seat with artificial intelligence software that offers both safety and personalization. You can view the real-time driving habits of your drivers as it takes place or at your convenience by tapping our secure cloud. Driver drowsiness estimation and driver distraction detection will always be at your fingertips.

Safe driving support — such as accident prevention — uses advanced telematics to connect always-on internet of things (IoT) devices using digital maps and cloud technology. Having a mobile vehicle video camera will change your business and ensure highway mishaps are properly analyzed so that fault is not erroneously charged against your drivers and your business.

You can build the world’s most capable drivers who consider safety first, while also optimizing your fleet’s performance. With TrackNet’s mobile video camera for commercial fleets, school buses, transit vehicles, heavy equipment, company cars and emergency services transport, you always get blazing-fast wifi and crisp real-time video streaming and cloud-based archives.

Truck Fleet with Mobile Video Camera System
In Dash Mobile Video Recorder

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Safety, Security, Peace of Mind AND Return on Investment

The cost of running a fleet can often eat up a large chunk of a company’s total operating budget and it’s not so easy to see where opportunities to save can be put into action. Telematics with a mobile video tracking cameras can make all the difference by helping managers identify and quantify fleet-wide savings opportunities, and make available the appropriate driver resources to secure them.

Your return on investment (ROI) has several variables in order to minimize your fleet’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) — safety, fuel, maintenance, and productivity

  • Safety: the average work-related accident rate for commercial fleets is around 20 percent, costing fleet owners an average of $70,000.

  • Fuel: rapid acceleration and heavy braking can reduce fuel economy by up to 33 percent on highways.

  • Maintenance: unplanned repairs due to aggressive driving and vehicle misuse can cost $400 to $700 per day.

  • Productivity: telematics can increase workforce productivity and reduce labor costs by up to 12 percent.

Driver Footage

In Dash Mobile Video Recorder Screenshot

Distracted Driving

Live Stream

Vehicle Trails

Mobile Vehicle Video Camera Footage Examples

Our cameras record video in 1080p with full audio recordings. Below are footage examples captured from actual commercial fleets.

Truck Fleet Management and Accident Prevention with TrackNet’s Mobile Video Camera Systems

When you are looking to cut expenses, proactive management is key. When you employ a mobile vehicle video camera system you have data at your fingertips to generate costs savings. By investing in driver coaching you can minimize operating costs. A telematics solution is essential — it objectively pinpoints the most costly or risky drivers based on numerous variables.

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