vehicle-tracking-serviceDo you own a company with a fleet of trucks or vehicles? Maybe you have a shipping business? Perhaps you run a rental car operation?

Either way, you should install a vehicle tracking system. And, if you already have one you might want to consider an upgrade. Did you know that about six billion dollars are lost to auto theft each year?

Keep reading to learn five questions you should ask yourself before using a vehicle tracking service.

1. What Types of Vehicles Do I Have?

First, we need to understand what types of vehicles we have and what service I’m providing. If we don’t fully understand my needs we might end up overpaying or using a product that we don’t actually need.

For instance, if our company or fleet is small, then we need a simple vehicle tracking service and software. If our operation is more complicated then we should opt for more high-end software and service.

2. What Are My Options for Tracking Software?

Tracking video camera systems are a great place to start. Another great software to install is Fleet Management Solutions. With this software, we get real-time GPS tracking capabilities and dashcam features.

We’re also able to live-stream and have archived driver footage, just in case a problem arises. With this kind of data, we can make any necessary changes to bolster my fleet.

If we have a lot of heavy equipment, then, we want to use an Asset Tracking System is a great idea. If we’ve got multiple sites where trucks or other equipment is sitting after hours, we need an asset tracking software.

3. Will It Save Money and Improve Productivity?

Yes, and yes. Oftentimes companies give out unjust pay. With a vehicle tracking service, we can evaluate employees’ attendance and performance. This will ensure that we’re not paying someone for a job they haven’t done, or done correctly.

If a driver gets lost due to poor choices or not paying attention we might end up paying them overtime. However, if we have the right vehicle tracking device or software this won’t happen.

It will also reduce fuel costs and we’ll make sure that my customers get billed accordingly. Plus, productivity goes up and we’ll minimize dreaded idle time.

4. Will It Lower My Carbon Footprint?

These days we all should at least try to do something to reduce our carbon footprint and heal the planet. We care about reducing my carbon footprint, so rest assured we use a vehicle tracking service to help the cause.

When our fleet has tracking devices they’ll always know the best routes to take for shorter travel and faster delivery times. That’s great for my clients too.

My trucks will put out fewer emissions and don’t forget the digital aspect of it. The digital reports will help save paper, and therefore trees that help keep our air clean.

5. Customers Will Like It

We’ll give them transparency with detailed real-time reports on where their delivery is going and exactly when it will arrive. We’ll not only look professional our business becomes better and we gain positive word of mouth.

It’s Time for a Vehicle Tracking Sevice

Now, that we’ve answered some questions and explained how great of an asset a vehicle tracking service would be to your company, it’s time to make the change or update that will push your fleet in the right direction.

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