vehicle gps tracking devicesEffectively managing a fleet of vehicles these days is dramatically improved by the use of Vehicle Tracking Devices. These devices help with three critical areas that impact the productivity of your fleet.

As all fleet managers know, Insurance costs for your fleet is the major cost of maintaining a fleet of vehicles. This cost can be reduced by 1) not paying for accidents that you are not at fault for, 2) reducing theft of vehicles and their cargo and 3) running a safe fleet by incentivizing good driver behavior by creating an environment of accountability when your drivers are on the road.

Vehicle Tracking Devices For Accidents

A vehicle tracking device can provide valuable information for investigations surrounding accidents in order to exonerate your drivers from accidents they didn’t cause. Depending on the devices, they can tell investigators about the other driver’s behavior outside the vehicle and the actions taken at the time of the accident.

Law enforcement or insurance adjusters may need to take a look at the information a vehicle tracking system has picked up on in the time surrounding an accident. This can help to exonerate the driver.

The information stored in fleet vehicle tracking systems can help paint a more detailed picture of what happened in the instance of the accident. Having a clearer picture of what happened can pinpoint the fault of the other driver during the investigation process.

The more accurate an accident can be resolved the less has to be paid out, and the insurance rates of your fleet don’t go up due to no fault of your own.

Preventing Theft of Vehicles and Goods

Protect your assets, and recover them faster. This case makes itself for installing vehicle tracking devices.

Vehicle tracking device installations can give a GPS location of the vehicle. These devices can also take photos or record video of an incident that can be used when the vehicle is recovered to find out exactly what happened. This footage can be used by the company, their insurance company, and law enforcement as they piece together what happened.

There are many different options and levels of tracking devices that can be installed into a fleet vehicle. Investing in vehicle tracking devices now could help save thousands in lost vehicles, goods, and even a driver’s innocence.

Create Accountability

Although there are many reasons to install vehicle tracking devices in a commercial truck, one of the most important is to create a culture of accountability in your organization.

Installing trackers in a company’s fleet of trucks sends a message to the drivers that their behavior represents the company and that you care enough to monitor that behavior. Just because they have left the company lot, doesn’t mean that they’ve left the review of management.

This creates accountability for employees trusted with the fleet. Employees and drivers are already representing the company in the vehicle and in their uniforms. A tracker shows that their boss will be evaluating the employee on their use of time and damage to the vehicle with more information than they would have otherwise.

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