TrackNet’s Asset Locating Devices with Extended Battery Life Extend Usage Time

Company focuses on more than just GPS fleet tracking with its asset locating services.

New Orleans, LA (Vocus/PRWEB) March 22, 2011

TrackNet is known for its excellent GPS fleet tracking services and technology, but it has taken its services a step further by offering asset locating devices that companies can use to track more than just their trucks and drivers. The extended battery life on TrackNet’s two asset locating units allows businesses to use them continually and globally for years on end without replacing the battery.

With TrackNet’s asset locating devices, companies can place a small transponder on the asset to track it should it be stolen. These can be used on all types of high-dollar moveable assets, including bulldozers, generators, trailers, forklifts, and other high dollar moveable pieces of equipment. The footprint of coverage is worldwide.

The units offered by TrackNet are specially designed with long battery lives. This allows the user to stick the unit on the asset and walk away, When asked about them, a company spokesperson said, “Our customers can choose between two units. The SMARTONE unit has a battery life of at least one year using AA lithium batteries. The AX Tracker MMT has a battery life of up to 4 years using a field replaceable battery pack. Both provide long-term service without the need to replace or charge batteries repeatedly. They are designed this way so that our customers can simply place them where they need to go and continue with their daily business without a second thought.”

These units use technology like GPS positioning, Satellite Communications, and Intrinsically Safe standards to clearly separate them from other low end products. This allows for reliable reporting of location when a loss has occurred. Allowing owners to get help from the authorities quickly. For many businesses, this ability translates into thousands of dollars in recovered assets. Once they know the location of the machine or other asset, police can often intercept and recover it before damage has occurred, which means no real loss to the business.

Of course, while the batteries last for years, they will eventually need to be replaced. “Replacing is easy,” confirmed a company spokesperson. “All the user has to do is head out to the unit, remove the battery pack, and then place the new one on. There is no loss of service, and no need to track and care for rechargeable batteries.”

About TrackNet

TrackNet is an industry leader in GPS fleet technology. They provide fleet managers with a cutting edge way to track their trucks and drivers, manage loads, and track assets using an integrated online system that can be accessed anywhere that a computer and Internet is available. To learn more about these services and products, visit

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