TrackNet Increases Productivity for the HVAC and Plumbing Industry

June 12, 2012

GPS fleet tracking products offer real-time fleet data and reporting capabilities to help improve overall fleet efficiency

TrackNet – Fleet Tracking Systems, the value leader of GPS fleet tracking and vehicle management solutions, announces today that the NexTraq™ Fleet Tracking platform and its reporting functionality has proven to help improve all areas of its HVAC and plumbing customers’ fleet operations while reducing overhead costs such as fuel, maintenance, payroll and insurance.

Integrating NexTraq’s reporting functionality into fleet operations allows HVAC and plumbing businesses to measure every aspect of their fleet operations, helping identify areas of operation that need improvement.

“In today’s economy, field service businesses like HVAC and Plumbing companies are searching for ways to work more intelligently and streamline the work order process”, said William Cahill, Jr., VP. Sales for TrackNet. “With our reporting suite and the ability to see where the field team is right now, gives these field service companies 100% exposure and accountability”. “Businesses with budgetary restraints can utilize these reports to reduce operational costs and increase revenue, positively impacting business processes and fleet management practices.”

With the TrackNet’s Fleet Tracking platform, HVAC and plumbing managers have the ability to generate reports such as the Start/Stop Report and Begin/End Day Report to help reduce overtime costs and increase productivity. TrackNet customers have already seen increased productivity as well as a reduction in operational costs.

For more information on the TrackNet Fleet Tracking platform and its benefits for the HVAC and plumbing industry, please visit our HVAC page or our plumbing page or call 866.654.2226