TrackNet Helps Find Man with Alzheimer’s

May 19, 2011 – TrackNet is an online vehicle tracking system that provides GPS fleet tracking software for a variety of companies involved in long- and short-haul transportation. Companies across the nation have increased their productivity and improved their bottom line by monitoring driver performance and keeping tabs on products and cargo. Recently, a loyal TrackNet customer reported a unique and life-saving use of the GPS fleet tracking software.

Joyce Rawls purchased the GPS fleet tracking product to install in her father’s vehicle. “Our father has Alzheimer’s, but we were unable to keep him from driving his truck,” Ms. Rawls explains. “We purchased the tracking unit back in 2008 to try and keep up with him and had no idea how truly lifesaving it would turn out to be.”

Ms. Rawls had the tracking unit installed in her father’s truck for two years before they needed to use it to find him. In April of 2010, her father left the house and apparently forgot where he was going or how to get back.

“My mom called and said that he had not made it back home,” Ms. Rawls reports. “I immediately knew something was wrong and pulled him up on the computer, with our tracking system.” She found her father’s truck in Shreveport, LA, over 30 miles south of his home in Plain Dealing, La. Ms. Rawls immediately called the police in Shreveport, La.and they were curious as to how she knew her father was there. “When I told the police about the tracking unit in my father’s truck and that he has Alzheimer’s, they were very impressed and said it was a smart idea.”

The police tracked Ms. Rawls father through Shreveport, Caddo, and Red River Parishes, finally pulling him over between Coushatta and Armstead in Louisiana. Ms. Rawls father had continued driving south through Shreveport instead of turning around and heading north back to his home in Plain Dealing, La. Without the GPS fleet tracking system, there is no telling how far he may have driven before being found.

“If it had not been for this tracking unit, we may have never found him or found him too late,” Ms. Rawls reports. “I am so thankful and grateful for this product. My father is now in a nursing facility that has an Alzheimer’s unit. I am writing this story because I wanted you to know how well your product has served my family and that it was worth every penny.”

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