TrackNet Discusses How GPS Tracking Can Help Prolong Vehicle Life and Lower Maintenance Costs

New Orleans, LA – July 31, 2012

Fleet management programs from TrackNet help prolong the life of commercial vehicles and lower overall maintenance costs, one of the largest benefits being that they can identify when vehicles are idling. The company provides custom-installed real time GPS fleet tracking devices that report to operators and owners where their cars are in the field and the efficiency of those vehicles.

In a recent study, research showed that ten seconds of vehicle idling can burn more fuel than restarting the engine. Idling can also cause damage to the engine over time, diminishing overall performance of the vehicle and incurring greater maintenance costs. With GPS vehicle tracking systems, fleet operators can help cut down on idling. These programs also manage maintenance schedules, making sure their vehicles are getting the proper services when needed.

“With fuel costs on the rise, companies that rely on a commercial fleet of vehicles have to modify operations to reduce overall operational spending and increase efficiency,” says William Cahill, Vice President of Sales and Founder of TrackNet. “These products offer 100% accountability for all time spent out in the field. You will be able to have full control of your fleet while they are away from your offices.”

TrackNet’s featured product system, formerly known as the MARCUS system, is now called the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform. This program provides complete fleet management services. Discreetly positioned radio tracking devices wirelessly monitor activity nationwide in real time. Information is published on a secure website that is accessible 24 hours a day. With their smartphone applications, owners and operators can also access this information at any time and receive updates regarding the operation of their fleet.

“With these GPS vehicle tracking systems, you can monitor what routes drivers are taking to get to a job site, how long the car stands idling, exactly when vehicles are returned, and if drivers used the company car for personal use,” says Cahill. “You can also monitor whether your drivers are observing speed limits, greatly reducing liability and accident risk.”

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