TrackNet Announces New Technology to Meet Anti-Cell Phone Regulation

New Orleans, LA – August 23, 2013

TrackNet, an industry leader in GPS fleet tracking technology, recently unveiled an award-winning distracted-driving solution, the NexTraq DriveGuard™. The product is designed to minimize the risk of accidents caused by cell phone use, making drivers safer and protecting employers’ profitability by cutting down on crash costs.

Created as a solution to tighten regulations on cell phone use in commercial vehicles by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, this innovative device prevents drivers from surfing the web, texting, calling, and emailing on mobile phones while out on the road. When integrated into a company’s standard procedure, the NexTraq DriveGuard with TrackNet will help reduce accidents by keeping drivers focused on the road, reducing overhead costs in the process.

The average crash costs an employer $16,500 according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and collisions can lead to inflated insurance premiums, costly litigation fees, and expenses related to the repair or replacement of company vehicles. When a fatality occurs, costs can skyrocket to an average of $500,000. The DriveGuard, which uses a Bluetooth™ Trigger Unit in conjunction with a mobile app on a driver’s cell phone, can protect a business’s reputation and bottom line by encouraging fleet safety and ensuring that all drivers comply with the nationwide ban for on-the-road cell phone use.

“At TrackNet, we’ve always believed that the benefits of GPS fleet tracking technology are two-fold. They protect our clients’ financial assets by preventing costly accidents, and they boost the wellbeing of drivers out in the field,” said William Cahill, Vice President of Sales and Founder of TrackNet. “In today’s difficult economic climate, it’s more important than ever to consider all impediments to profitability, including wrecks caused by irresponsible cell phone usage. With this exciting new product, we offer business owners the chance to have complete accountability and transparency from their employees.”

The adoption of this new technology broadens TrackNet’s already-extensive selection of fleet management solutions, which are critical to the success of flet businesses large and small. “When it comes to fleet management, consistency is key,” said Cahill. “The DriveGuard product is yet another invaluable monitoring solution that allows our clients to make sure operations are running smoothly, and they are better able to serve their customers as a result. With the adoption of this new system, we feel confident that our company is once again proving itself to be on the cutting edge of GPS fleet tracking technology.”

For more information on DriveGuard and TrackNet’s other GPS fleet tracking technology, the company invites you to visit its website,, or to contact its office at (504) 568-1599 or (866) 654-2226, located at 1215 Prytania St, Ste 403, New Orleans, LA 70130-4382.

About TrackNet:
With a national presence, TrackNet offers GPS fleet tracking with proven results to positively enhance the productivity of its customers. With more than 10 years of design innovation and industry firsts, TrackNet gives you the tools to manage your fleet and achieve measurable results. Designed for reliability and easy implementation, TrackNet applications give clients the information needed to efficiently manage fleets and maximize revenue. The goal is to provide clients with the highest-value GPS fleet management solutions to drive real benefits, resulting in real savings.

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