dash cam installationThere are a ton of reasons to install dash cams on your commercial vehicles. Some of the most common benefits of dash cams include insurance savings, improved productivity, simplified fleet management, streamlined GPS integration, and more. However, all dash cams are not created equally.

Fail to choose the right dash cams, and you’ll end up with a sub-par experience that’s not worth the money you’ll spend. To choose the best dash cams for your needs, it’s important to understand the types of dash cams on the market today and the various dash cam features available. Don’t worry, we’re here to give you five quick-and-dirty tips to help you make a great choice.

1. Check State Laws

Dash cams are legal in most states, but many have restrictions regarding audio recording and several states do not allow windshield-mounted dash cameras. Before you spend money on dash cams for your fleet, make sure you choose ones that are legal in every state your vehicles are driven.

2. Consider Uploading and Saving Capabilities

If you want to be able to use your dash cam footage later on, then the camera’s uploading and saving capabilities are important. Many allow for external storage using an SD card or have an integrated storage option.

Dash cams for commercial use often have cellular capabilities so you can continuously upload live footage to your personal cloud storage system.

3. Understand Your Recording Options

Some dash cams only turn on and start recording when the vehicle’s ignition has been started. Others use an internal battery to continue running even when the vehicle is unattended.

Many dash cams are designed to continually record and overwrite old files, In most cases, they’ll do this as long as they have access to a power source. Others won’t overwrite files if the system detects that there could be important footage on it. This is usually part of a built-in accident recognition system.

4. Look for GPS Features

When it comes to fleet management, GPS tracking is a critical feature you’ll want to look for. This will help you keep track of things like the location, speed, and route of all of your vehicles at all times. Some systems also have speed reporting, distracted driver, and accident alerts that can be sent directly to you in real-time.

5. Decide Which Other Options You Need

There are many other options available on dash cams, and some are more beneficial than others. You’ll need to assess for yourself whether you have a need for things like:

  • Dual dash cams
  • Tracking systems
  • High-resolution image capture
  • Night vision
  • Motion sensors
  • App and/or desktop software

Each additional feature will add to the cost of your system. Some are well worth it while others may be overkill for your needs.

Want the Best Dash Cams for Trucks? Look No Further

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