I took over the GPS for C & L in Aug. of 2008. we have @ 33 GPS trucks. Installing the GPS was the best thing this company could have done. Just last week a truck was stolen and we were able to find it due to the gps.. On average the GPS saves us @ $2000.00 to $ 5000.00 a month. So that is $500.00 to $2000.00 for two weeks time. The following is a estimate of the savings for 2008. Aug. 2008 – $2472.00 Sept. $2279.00 Oct. $ 3215.00 Nov. $ 5243.00 Dec. $4651.00 Jan. 2009 $7911.00…this is as far as I have gotten. I would recommend this to any company. It has saved us a lot of money. You guys are great at getting back to me anytime I have had a question or need help. Thank you, Erika Ribeiro C&L Coatings, Inc.

C&L Coatngs, Inc.,

“Thank you very much!” I honestly have to say that you guys are a pleasure to work with. It isn’t very often that I get any kind of interest in our experience when I purchase a new product. Customer service is a big sticking point for me since very few people I deal with put any effort into it, but you have it in spades. Thank you very much! Jason Hikel Systems Administrator Shelter Systems Limited

Shelter Systems Limited,

“My equipment and vehicle were recovered without any damage within 15 minutes!” To the TrackNet Staff, We currently use your Tracknet Services to track our Team of Building Maintenance Crews, who pressure wash large office buildings in the Greater Phoenix, AZ area. One of our $35,000 Rigs was stolen, with the Vehicle that pulls this equipment. Within minutes after the police called me, I directed them to our stolen property, using the internet, Tracknet’s system, and the police. I was able to direct the police to the exact address of where my Vehicle and Rig were located. My equipment and vehicle were recovered without any damage within 15 minutes! PS. Losing this vehicle and rig would have cost me over $60,000 not to mention the lost business while I purchased new equipment! Thank you very much Tracknet! John Martensen President Sonoran Property Maintenance 4700 North 12th Street Suite 204 Phoenix, AZ. 85014 602-708-0780

Sonoran Property Maintenance,

“Proving time on site is huge for us.” 1. We have seen a 12-15 percent decrease in fuel cost due to activating and policing the vehicle idle alert. Trucks used to sit on the jobsite with the engine running for hours. Now both the manager and driver receive an email alerting them when all trucks idle for over 20 minutes. 2. We can prove and account for all the time our employees and equipment were on each individual jobsite. Proving time on site is huge for us. 3. Our supervisors enjoy the mobile app for the Iphone which allows them to see where equipment and trucks are from their Iphone. Thanks, Southern Synergy LLC

Southern Synergy, LLC,