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Keep Your Drivers Alert and Focused on the Road with Distracted Driving Dashcams

TrackNet’s Distracted Driving Cameras give you the peace of mind knowing your drivers are free of distractions and wide awake behind the wheel. With the ability to detect gazes from the road and drooping eyelids with total accuracy, our cameras can prevent multi-million dollar lawsuits against your fleet that are often the result of texting while driving.

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Distracted Driving Camera Benefits

Run a Safer Fleet

DD cams eliminate distractions and prevent accidents by emitting an alarm noise when drivers start to fall asleep or text while driving so they stay focused on the road ahead of them.

Avoid Nuclear Verdicts

If your fleet is found liable in a distracted driving accident, you could be the next nuclear verdict statistic (which oftentimes exceed hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars.)

Coach Risky Behavior

Further improve your fleet safety be reviewing Distracted Driving events such as texting and eating while driving so you can coach your drivers appropriately.

Near-Miss Encounters with TrackNet Distracted Driving Cameras

Below are actual footage examples captured from our dashcams that could have ended in catastrophe and tragedy if not for the intervention of our cameras.

All of the videos show the driver either texting while driving or falling asleep at the wheel. With texting being the no. 1 cause of vehicle accidents on the road today, you simply cannot take any chances with your drivers or your fleet. All it takes is a split second of glancing down at the phone or drifting off to cause an accident that could have lasting repercussions to your business.

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