Improve Fleet Productivity

Reduce Your Fleet Costs through Safer Driving

Accident avoidance is key to running a productive fleet. Dash Cams can verify your drivers are following safety protocol so you can keep your vehicles on the road and your operations running smoothly. Our dash cams provide standard GPS tracking features along with driver video for driver-side / road-facing cameras.

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Add Video to Your Fleet

Monitoring your fleet with video footage is like riding in the passenger-side with your drivers. View video feeds from both inside and outside the vehicle.

Monitor Drivers in Real-Time

Live-stream capabilities let you check in on your drivers while they are on the road in real-time. Video can be captured and downloaded instantly.

Optimize Your Routes

Expand your fleet by improving delivery times with route optimization. Get more jobs done without the need to add more vehicles to your fleet.

Save on Fuel Costs

Use mileage reporting, idle engine alerts and speeding notifications to make sure no gas is being wasted. IFTA tax reporting features also available.

Save on Insurance

Speed up the claims process and reduce your insurance claims by up to 10% with a dash cam tracking system in place.

Month-to-Month Plans

No long-term commitments whatsoever. Month-to-month plans with no contracts. Cancel your service at any time.

4G/LTE Multicam Options

Our tracking application interfaces with driver-facing, roadside and side / rear cameras for a total view your vehicle’s activity. Cellular connectivity gives you access to live GPS location reporting combined with pristine media.

  • 1080p video with in-cab audio recording functionality

  • Tamper-resistant design with hard-wired and plug-and-play options

  • Distracted Driving Camera (DDC) options also available

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We have exonerated over 2000 fleets across the country!

Footage captured by our cameras have saved fleets MILLIONS in accident costs.

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Web-Based Application

Our tracking interface makes it easy for you to look up driver footage relating to hard braking / speeding / shock alerts and more. With a full suite of traditional GPS reports, you can add a new dimension to your fleet management operations by incorporating driver video into the mix.

  • Search for footage by driver, trip, date and time

  • Download your footage stored on our cloud at any time

  • Up to 6 months of footage storage

  • Android / iPhone mobile app available with full features

Driver Footage

Distracted Driving

Live Stream

Vehicle Trails

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