GPS tracking for Heavy Equipment

GPS Tracking for Heavy Equipment

TrackNet’s GPS Tracking for Heavy Equipment are the perfect tool for keeping track of all types of Heavy Construction Equipment. Today’s Heavy Equipment Operator has to manage valuable assets, many times located in difficult geographies – well outside the reach of traditional cellular networks.

These units provide the ability for an Heavy Equipment Fleet Manager to keep track of where those assets are located, monitor their use, and provide data to support the maintenance task no matter where they are. We deliver worldwide networking via our (LEO) satellite constellation. We deliver position and sensor data to our VAR Partners for integration into their back-office and customer-facing applications. This allows the end-user customer to track all of their assets on a single screen.

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GPS Tracking for Heavy Equipment


Beyond Tracking, TrackNet Supports:

Check run-time on engine powered equipment to support maintenance schedules, as well as fault monitoring

Track location of expensive job site equipment for management and billing purposes. Use our geo-fencing capability and reduced messaging to keep track of equipment at the lowest possible costs. Theft Recovery Mode for easy location of the asset.

GPS Tracking unit for Heavy Equipment
Heavy Equipment Fleet Management

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Heavy Equipment Management

GPS tracking for heavy equipment fleet management ensures you always know where your equipment is. When you have a telematics system combined with GPS technology you will be able to track, log and report data over a cellular network or wifi. You will know how your equipment is performing. 

GPS tracking for heavy equipment gives you data that is stored in a secure cloud and can be accessed through a web portal. Common data points include GPS location, fuel consumption, idle times and machine alerts. 

Equipment owners using telematics data are reaping benefits such as improved productivity and reduced operating costs. Here are some of the most important benefits of using telematics systems to monitor and track GPS tracking for heavy equipment:

  • Asset Allocation: By analyzing telematics data you can determine if you are allocating too much or too little equipment to a job site.

  • Maintenance and Repair Schedules: Folding telematics data into your maintenance management program will make for improved scheduling of preventive service and necessary repairs. 

  • Operator Performance: Telematics data can help you improve the efficiency of your equipment operators and identify bad habits like prolonged idling time.

  • Reduce Theft: With GPS tracking and geofencing, you can be alerted the moment your equipment leaves the job site.

  • Reduce Fuel Consumption: Reducing fuel consumption is one of the biggest money savers that telematics systems have been proven to solve.

  • Fuel Tax Refunds: Businesses that use fuel for construction equipment could be eligible for federal tax refunds.

  • Insurance Premiums: When your equipment has GPS tracking with geofencing alerts, many insurance companies will offer discounts on premiums.

  • Job Estimates: Telematics data can help you generate accurate job estimates.

  • Manage Operating Expenses: Tracking equipment operating costs lets you know when operating expenses are exceeding ownership costs.

  • Improve Productivity: Understanding how your construction equipment is being used can lead to increased productivity on the job site.

Heavy Equipment with Tracking Devices

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