Preparing for the AT&T 2G Shutdown

Fleet-based enterprises are buzzing about AT&T’s plan to sunset its 2G service by December 31, 2016. To understand how this major development will impact your company, consider the following:

What is Happening?

AT&T is retiring its 2g network towers in favor of faster networks. This means that 2G devices will need to be replaced with upgraded hardware before the services shutdown in your area. In the meantime, fleet-based businesses will have to grapple with major disturbances.

How Will My Company Be Affected?

If your business uses 2G GPS tracking devices, you will – or may already – experience data latency as you travel through impacted areas. As AT&T deconstructs more and more 2G towers, the impact will be even greater.

What Should I Do?

You will need to upgrade your 2G devices to new compatible hardware before service is shutdown in your area. To prevent an unexpected lapse in your fleet operations, it’s better to act now rather than later.

How Can TrackNet Help?

TrackNet is ideally-suited to help you prepare for this important change. We’ll provide you with new devices and compatible harnesses, which you can easily install yourself or with the help of our Certified Installers. We also deliver 24/7 access to vehicle information; reliable tracking of fixed and movable assets; robust reporting features; and third-party data integration capabilities.

Don’t Procrastinate!

The 2G shutdown is already underway and causing issues for numerous enterprises throughout the nation. With a dedicated team of professionals and an industry-leading software platform, TrackNet is ready to address your @G data worries and help you lower fuel costs, improve asset utilization, vehicle ROI, routing efficiencies and overall job management.

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