Ambulance Fleet Management with High Performance Vehicle Routers

Ambulance Fleet Management made easy with TrackNet’s LTE-Advanced Pro vehicle router for mission critical Ambulance GPS Tracking applications in public safety, field services and other transit fleets.

Ambulance Fleet Management

Ambulance GPS Tracking with Managed and Secure LTE Networking

With reliable long range Gigabit Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet, our ambulance GPS tracking vehicle routers can directly connect your vehicles through the enterprise network and enable multiple field applications to work simultaneously from the vehicle both further and faster than ever before.

TrackNet’s vehicle routers feature lighting-fast 600Mbps downlink and 150Mbps upload speeds that can support heavy-bandwidth applications like our signature HD live video streaming, real-time EMS GPS tracking along with passenger wi-fi. our high performance gigabit-wifi for ambulance fleet management can deliver superior reliability and uninterrupted performance for first responders in even the harshest of mobile environments.

Features of your ambulance GPS tracking routers include:

  • A secure, dedicated network for first responders

  • Connectivity to LTE networks worldwide

  • Cutting-edge speeds even while roaming

  • Simultaneous connectivity to private and public networks

  • A single solution for wireless and wired hybrid deployments

EMS GPS Tracking gives True Vehicle Awareness

Ambulance GPS tracking routers can improve fleet efficiency, streamline EMT operations and reduce overall costs with advanced remote visibility and instant insight into the vehicle area network (VAN). All of your ambulance fleet management field applications and assets will be immediately accessible within your workforce. Using built-in vehicle-ready I/o with AirLink Vehicle Telemetry support, TrackNet allows remote monitoring of individual devices like light bars, sirens / gunracks, and can reference OBD-II vehicle data so you can get a clear view of your engine’s diagnostics and overall vehicle health.

TrackNet’s ambulance GPS tracking router can also monitor hundreds of network and connected vehicle events in real-time with the ability to create custom alerts, triggers and various other fleet reports.

Ambulance GPS Tracking

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Superior Ambulance Fleet Management Router Build

Our EMS GpS tracking routers were built to operate in rugged conditions and maintain continuous power during 5V brownouts / spikes from 600 VDC to 200 VDC. The ambulance GPS tracking router is protected by using built-in battery safeguards to monitor battery voltage / ignition state with a class-leading power supply that requires no additional power conditioning.

TrackNet’s routers for ambulance fleet management can also withstand harsh environments and ongoing wear and tear. Manufactured with industrial grade components, our router builds have a customized die cast aluminum case to manage thermal output from its LTE-Advanced and Wi-Fi radios. They are designed to resist ongoing dust and water exposure and withstand extreme shock, vibration, temperature and humidity conditions.

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Ambulance GPS Tracking Router Features:

Additional EMS GPS tracking router features include but are not limited to:

  • Simplified inventory management and increased flexibility

  • Secure and consolidated data received from multiple high bandwidth field applications / mobile assets within the vicinity of the vehicle

  • Centralized network increases efficiency, prevents costly downtime and reduce costs

EMS GPS Tracking

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