Powerful Mapping & Live Tracking


Improve Efficiency and Customer Service!

Using any internet connected device, you will be able to instantly access the current location and status of your vehicles in the field.

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Live Tracking Will Provide You:

  •  Real-Time Vehicle Location Updates Every Minute
  •  Data via a Secure Web Based Application – No Software to Install
  • All Vehicles Overlayed on a Google Map for Easy Viewing
  • Streetview, Traffic, and Fullscreen Map Views Available

Activity Alert Notifications

Instant Alerts via Text Message and/or Email

When you are in the field and away from your computer, stay on top of important activities.

Alert Notifications Are Available For:

  • Excessive Idling
  • Speeding Over Posted Speed Limit
  •  Hard Braking, Rappid Acceleration
  • Geofence Enter / Exit
  • After Hour Vehicle Start-ups
  • Low Battery
  • Plug-In Device Unplugged Alert
  • and much more!

Dashboards and Reports Suite


Spend Time Solving Problems, not finding them!

TrackNet Fleet Customizable Dashboards and Robust Reports Suite gives you the exception based reporting you’ve been looking for.

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Dashboards & Reports Suite Gives You:

  •  Time-Card and State Mileage Reports
  • Customized Views to Improve Fleet Insight
  • Idling, Trips, Stops, Geofence Enter/Exit, Speeding and more!
  • Improve Routing Efficiency
  • Set Goals For Continuous Improvement

Destinations & Dispatch

Make Your Drivers’ Days Easier and More Efficient

TrackNet’s dispatching tools are designed to be fast, intuitive and flexible to meet your business’s unique needs.

Destinations & Dispatch allows you to:

  • Route a vehicles from its current location or geofences to a destination
  • Re-order jobs on the fly using a simple drag-n-drop interface
  • Access dispatched jobs or reverse job assignments with just a click
  • Save regular jobs as itineraries and display them on a Google Map
  • Push directions to a Garmin device directly from your TrackNet account
  • Easily create an entire day of routes

Drivers Scorecard


Manage Driver Performance!

Use TrackNet’s Driver Scorecard to manage and measure individual and overall performance against your company goals.

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Scorecards allow you to see:

  •  Speeding Events Over the Posted Speed Limits
  • Agressive Driving Events Such as Hard Braking and Rapid Acceleration
  • Seatbelt Usage
  • Idling as a Percentage of Runtime

Advanced Geofences

Geofence (Virtual Boundaries) Management

Use TrackNet’s advanced geofences feature to gain insight into when vehicles enter or exit areas and trigger notifications based on those events.

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Geofences allow you to see:

  •  When a Vehicle Entered Geofence
  • When a Vehicle Exited Geofence
  • In-Geofence Speed Monitoring
  • Instant Enter/Exit Alert Notifications via Text & Email

Automated Driver ID


Automatically Log Drivers In/Out of Vehicles!

Use TrackNet’s RFID Automated Driver ID Solution To Effectively Manage Drivers That Drive Multiple Vehicles.

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Driver ID & Management:

  •  Driver Key In With An RFID Key
  • Tracking Device Data Is Automatically Tagged To The Driver
  • Run Driver Based Reports and Scorecards.

and much more!

Take the power of TrackNet Fleet with you on the go.

Stay in touch with your fleet even when you are in the field.